1. Explain sun definition of Java in detail.
2. Explain each term of the following line: public static void main( String args[ ] )
3. Explain each term of the following line: System.out.prinln ( " Hello World " );
4. Write Short Notes on JDK.
5. Explain all access specifiers of Java.
6. Differentiate between Class Method & Instance Method.
7. Differentiate between Instance variable & Class variable.
8. Explain the concept of Nested Class. Explain its types with example.
9. Write short notes on Inner Class.
10. Explain the reason for using static block in Java with example.
11. What is the meaning of "new" operator in Java? what it returns?
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UNIT 1 [ Internet ]
1. Explain advantage and disadvantage of TCP/IP over OSI model.
2. Explain the concept to send and receive E-mail.
3. Differentiate between WWW and Internet.
4. Write short notes on ISP?
5. Explain the architecture of Internet.
6. Write short notes on Voice and Video Conferencing.

UNIT 2 [ Core java ]
1. What is the difference between Abstract Class, Final class and Interface.
2. What is final, finalize and finally?
3. What do you mean by overriding methods?
4. What is Wrapper Class?
5. What is the difference between instance and class variable?
6. is null a keyword? [ Hint: no; it is reserve literal ]
7. What is the difference between throw and throws?

8. How can we restrict a class so that no instance creation of class possible without declaring the class as Abstract? [Hint: make constructor private but in same class instance can be created ]

9. Does Java support pass by reference? Justify your answer.
10. What is the difference between transient and volatile?
11. What happens when main method made protected?
12. What is the difference between checked and unchecked exception?
13. What is MUTEX in Java?
14. What is the difference among String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder class?
15. What is the purpose of Anonymous Class?
16. What do you mean by heavy weight and light weight components?
17. What is Throwable?
18. Is static method overridden or overloaded?
19. Explain Applet life cycle.
20. Explain Layout Manager. What is default lay out manager for AWT applet and swing applet. Write a program to add two Text Fields by using Border Layout on AWT Applet.
21. What is Socket? Write a program to create TCP/IP client and server socket. How it differs from UDP?
22. What is Chained Exception? Explain with suitable example.
23. What is the difference between process based multitasking and thread based multitasking?
24. What is Context Switching? Where it is used?
25. Java threads can be created by two ways. Explain each with suitable example.
26. Explain the life cycle of a thread.
27. Write short notes on Inter Threaded Communication.
28. What are security restrictions imposed on an Applet?
29. Write an applet to display an image.
30. What is the use of Adapters? Write a program by using window adapter to close a frame.
31. Write a program to handle an event by the component where the event was originated.
32. Write a program to delegate the event to listeners.
33. What is Adjustment Events? Explain with suitable example.

UNIT 3 [ Swing and JDBC ]
1. What is JDBC/ODBC bridge?
2. Write a program in java to insert a row in MS Access table.
3. What are advantages of Java Swing over Java Applet?
4. What is the difference between Tabbed Pane and Scroll Pane?
5. Define RMI. Explain simple client-server application using RMI.

UNIT 4 [ java Beans]
1. Explain features of beanbox.
2. What are advantages and use of java beans?
3. What is the difference between Java Beans and Enterprise Beans?
4. What is the difference between Stateless Session Bean and Stateful Session Bean?
5. Explain life cycle of Entity and Session Bean.
6. What is JAR and EAR file?
7. What is the use of “manifest” file?
8. Explain Container Managed Persistence.
9. Explain the directory structure of web applications defined in J2EE.

10. What are the steps required to write a Java Bean?

UNIT 5 [ java Servlets]
1. What is servlet? Explain its life cycle.
2. What is thread – safe servlet?
3. How to debug Servlet?
4. What is the difference between pre-initialization and lazy-initialization?
5. What is ServletContext Object?
6. What is difference between GenericServlet and Servlet?
7. What are the methods of HTTP to send data to server? Explain both.
8. Discuss the role of JSP in web site development.
9. Define cookies. How they are used in retrieving information from client?